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Audio Ltd A10-TX Digital Bodypack Transmitter

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Designed for use in film and television, the A10-TX from Audio LTD is a wireless UHF transmitter. It's designed to integrate with the A10 wireless system, which allows you up to 20 channels in an 8 MHz range, doing so without constraining audio quality, latency, and range.

Making use of a proprietary digital modulation scheme for sending wireless audio, the A10-TX can be transmitting and enable the function as a recorder, accepting and storing audio to microSD cards. Such audio is encoded in a proprietary MIC format, but a free utility application will convert files to industry-standard WAV files, replete with timecode.

On the subject of timecode, the unit functions as an LTC timecode generator, and you can even use it to jamsync corresponding apparatuses around the set if need be. This is done via the Lemo 3-pin input, which also accepts two-wire lavalier microphones, balanced microphones, and balanced line-level signals.

All of this may seem difficult to navigate, but the A10-TX-AU is easily understood, thanks to the intuitive menu system. Enjoy the 2 ms of latency or the proprietary protection of audio transmission made possible via 4-digit pins. An antenna is included.

Note! Please note, you can record audio from lavaliers to AX10-TX-EU models. Unlike the A10-TX-US version.

  • Key Features at a Glance
    • Low-noise, studio-grade balanced input for microphones and line-level signals
    • Analog limiter
    • Bias and phantom power
    • Fully digital RF transmission
    • Integrated digital recorder with precision timecode generator (for mic / line-level operations, supports)
    • Timecode jamming
    • Remote controllable over Bluetooth using the A10-TX-US Remote app for Android and iOS 
    • Powered by easy-to-access AA batteries
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